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Project Preservation makes life easier by shouldering the burden of home maintenance. Being able to make a great recommendation is invaluable when it comes to your reputation and maintaining loyalty. Our team will help make sure your new buyer is setup for successful and stress-free homeownership.


Being a homeowner is expensive and time consuming. Preventative maintenance saves our clients money and headaches long-term. Project Preservation creates and manages an annual plan that is custom to every home but also includes the services and inspections that every owner should do. We know that you are your client's most trusted resource - so we won't let you down.

Our team is  ready to help out with any services, repairs, installations, deliveries or special projects a client may need. Want to learn more about how we work and how to refer us to your clients?


 We can support your clients after they purchase their new home - our maintenance management and focus on preservation will ensure that their greatest asset is protected. Our founder Melissa will also happily present to your team. Learn about how the materials and contents of a home effect the long-term care, expenses and future value of a home. Contact us to learn more!

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