Becoming a Client

  • SCHEDULE INTRO CALL - Please set up a time to chat with Melissa about your home and punch list. I can tell you about PP and what we do. Let’s see if this would be a good fit! You can look at my calendar here or email me directly if there isn’t a time that works.


  • INITIAL WALKTHROUGH - We will schedule a time to do a walkthrough of the property and review your punch list.

  • ON BOARDING - Once the walkthrough is completed you will receive a service agreement and an annual maintenance proposal. After the agreement is signed PP will perform a thorough inventory of the property and get your home setup on any software we use. We will also review and revise the annual plan, establish timing of services and prioritize your punch list. There will be some upfront investment during this phase and we will request information about the property, vendors, access, etc.

  • FIXING & PREVENTING- Now that we have established the what, the who and the when we are ready to start managing work at the property! You will have one point person assigned to the property as well as 1-2 backups. We will do our best to schedule around you and make sure you always know when we are coming and going.

  • PRESERVATION- Once we have caught up on services and checked off all the items on your punch list our focus will be on preservation. We will keep a watchful eye on areas that need care, items that need repair or replacing and as always making sure we stay on top of your recurring maintenance.