• Melissa Shymko

Managing Homes with Homezada

As Project Preservation grew, we needed a better way to keep track of every property. While Google Drive is great for storing and organizing files, it isn’t practical for solving problems on the fly. We needed something that could help track every system and appliance, allowed us to create tasks and manage vendors, and could be our resource for locating specifics for each property.

After evaluating a lot of different options, we decided to move forward with Homezada. Using Homezada gives us the flexibility to store and access every detail about a client’s home from the convenience of our phones. This sort of accessibility makes it possible for us to solve some problems without having to visit the house. Homezada is a secure program, so all of your home’s maintenance information is kept secure. Let us know if you want more information on Homezada, or would like to learn how to use the program yourself!

To learn more about Homezada and its capabilities, CLICK HERE