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Our Gift Guide This Year

We manage some pretty amazing houses with top of the line appliances and the latest gadgets. Every now and then we are in awe of something we have never encountered before. Innovation that is so good, it is worth sharing. We thought we would share a few cool things you could gift your house this year :-)

Zip HydroTap - Filtered water that can be served up hot, cold or sparkling. For the avid tea or bubbly water drinkers this is a very convenient way to avoid having multiple devices or lugging heavy can cases from the grocery store. Prices for their products range from $4100-5200.

LiftMaster Automatic Garage Lock - This might not be the sexiest or most innovative device, but it is practical for our clients who live in the city or travel a lot. The lock makes it impossible for someone to pull the garage door open from the outside. It works in tandem with the garage opener, so you don’t have to think about an extra step. As long as your garage door opener is LiftMaster and has MyQ technology then this is a simple solution. The device is around $115.

Smart Irrigation - Ok so this isn’t exactly a product recommendation. This is more of a technology endorsement. But it is simply too good not to mention. Recently we have crossed paths with irrigation systems that have features like smarter watering based on weather forecasts, the ability to monitor and control remotely from your phone or even an emergency shutoff that will close off water to the system and send alerts when a leak is detected. What product is right for you is really based on what your needs are, the size of your landscaping and what your gardener is familiar with. A few of our clients have experienced how an irrigation leak can have costly consequences. While this might not be cutting edge technology we are starting to see it a lot more because the ROI makes a lot of sense. Adoption has been slow because updating an entire irrigation system on a large property is expensive and many landscapers aren’t loving some of the kinks that come with learning new technology. There are definitely some growing pains with getting the system setup and fine tuning the settings. But we think the savings in water, not replacing over or under watered plants and reducing the risk of flooding is well worth the expense. Chat with us or your gardener about what option is right for you.

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