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Protecting Home Air Quality

Every year clients get increasingly anxious about fire season and the quality of air. Sadly, this is our new normal. There are tons of new products surfacing on the market that claim to remove all the particles from the air. We want to introduce a new device on the market and talk about how you can protect your home with some simple steps.

A Promising New Device on the Market

Recently we were asked to look into a new whole home air purification system called Air Scrubber by Aerus with ActivePure technology. This system hooks up to your existing HVAC system and is tested in FDA compliant labs for efficacy. We cannot officially vouch for this product because we haven't installed any yet, but it promises to be the solution our clients have been asking for. It's proven to remove over 99% of airborne pathogens and pollutants. Not only will this system keep your whole house smoke free, it also removes 99% of SARS COV-2 particles, which is the virus that causes covid-19. This filter cleans not only the air in your home, but also sanitizes the surfaces as well. Pricing starts around $2K. If you are interested in learning more let us know!

Tried and True Ways to Have Cleaner Air

For clients who aren't ready to invest in a whole house purification system there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure you air quality is protected. Here are our suggestions.

  • Make sure you have good seals on all your windows and doors. If you have noticed a draft or a gap in any exterior doorway or window then let us know!

  • Upgrade or replace your HVAC filter and keep your air on a recirculating cycle. Using a higher Merv rated filter means it might be a little harder for your furnace to breathe but it will grab more pollutants. We recommend changing your filters every 3-4 months and specifically before the fire season and having an annual HVAC inspection.

  • Buy some air purifiers. They aren’t perfect, but if you keep the house closed and the HVAC running, they really do help. It is important to pay attention to how many square feet of air they can clean. This can mean for a larger home you need a lot of purifiers. We don’t recommend waiting until it is smoky to shop around Amazon … resources will get tight!

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