We believe that preventative maintenance leads to long-term savings and that luxury home management doesn't have to cost a fortune. Clients find us because they are overwhelmed by the number of services their large home requires. Our team works with you to create an annual maintenance plan and set priorities for your property. We charge a monthly retainer based on the size of your home and scope of work required. Getting you the best results at a fair price is our top priority. For this reason, we do not mark up services or accept commissions from vendors for any services they provide to you. 

Every home steward on the Project Preservation team has been thoroughly vetted, background checked and are under NDA. All employees are on payroll, are covered by workers comp and go through extensive training. We have scheduled checkins to discuss properties and team meetings to review safety protocols and share information. We look at every new problem as an opportunity to add to our knowledge bank. Every client benefits from the wisdom we gain, the relationships we foster with vendors and our behind the scenes administrative work. Information can't live in a vacuum, which is why we invest in technology that helps us share and keep track of vendors, properties and maintenance tasks.



Melissa Shymko


Project Preservation is the culmination of Melissa Shymko’s 15+ years of personal assistant and project management services for clients in the Bay Area. Nearly 10 years ago, Melissa started a concierge service, offering white glove personal assistant services. She found that clients commonly were in search of a home expert to oversee projects that should have happened yesterday but also needed someone with the foresight to anticipate services needed in the future. Melissa worked diligently to establish meaningful relationships with vendors and learn anything she could about homes. It was clear that better maintenance planning could help clients save money in the long run and so Project Preservation was born.